In addition to the traveling exhibition, we are publishing a 220 page book on the entire project.  Complete with images of the artwork in the exhibition, artist statements concerning each piece, and essays by thought leaders from across the country to create a moderate, sensible conversation about guns and gun violence.

To purchase the book please go to or Inkshares:


Contributing Authors

Walter Isaacson
Jonathan Ferrara
Brian Borrello
Dan Cameron
Michael Waldman
John M. Barry
Harry Shearer
E. Ethelbert Miller
Lucia McBath
Claudia Jones and Lolis Eric Elie
Lupe Fiasco
Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu
Trymaine Lee
Maria Cuomo Cole
Joe Nocera
Richard Ford
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly
Senator Tim Kaine

For information about the book please contact JONATHAN FERRARA at .